Avocado - The nutritious fatty fruit!

Date: 11/02/2019

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By K Patel, MD, MPH

Avocado is a pear shaped, irregular green skinned, large seed containing fruit with smooth texture. It was first found in South Central Mexico. Avocado’s delicious cool smoothness enhances the dish to another level. It blends seamlessly in various Mexican dishes, salads, sandwiches, smoothies etc.

Avocado is rich in following nutrients:

Monounsaturated Fat (Good fat) – 32 % daily value

Functions of Fats:

Supply energy to the body and keep the body warm

Keep hair and skin healthy

Helps in absorbing Vitamins (A, D, E, K)

Helps in brain development, controlling inflammation and play important role in blood clotting


Potassium – 20% daily value

Functions of Potassium:

Helps in nerve and muscle function

Helps in lowering blood pressure by countering effect of sodium

Moves nutrients into the cells and waste products out of the cells

Keeps heartbeat steady


Dietary fiber – 40% daily value

Functions of Dietary fiber:

Makes you feel full faster and helps in weight control

Helps in digestion

Prevents constipation


Vitamin C – 24% daily value

Functions of Vitamin C:

Serves as an antioxidant

Helps your immune system

Important for skin, bones and connective tissue

Helps body to absorb iron

Promotes healing


Vitamin B6 – 20% daily value

Functions of Vitamin B6:

Make antibodies to boost up immunity

Make hemoglobin

Maintains normal nerve function

Helps in controlling blood sugar


Magnesium – 10% daily value

Functions of Magnesium:

Maintains normal nerve and muscle function

Keeps heartbeat steady

Supports immune system

Keeps bones strong

May help in preventing Migraines


Based on 1 serving of Avocado: 1 cup sliced (146g)

Percentage daily values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. 

Sources: USDA, Medlineplus.gov


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